•​​​​​​​ Welcome to my videos folder. Here you can find a varied collection 
of my lettering and illustration for commissioned and personal projects, as well as traditional and digital lettering demonstration videos, filmed in studio and at live events.

Fraktur Gothic Calligraphy Practice: Kuretake Gold Ink Test

Ursus Maritimus Christmas Card Illustration

Gothic Calligraphy Practice Overview

Hand Lettering for Jane Fallon's Book Covers

Tell It to the Bees Film Title Lettering

Bird Illustration Video

Loose Brush Figures for Sarah Billing Logo

Strange Blooms Flowers & Calligraphy Video

Dark Night Haiku Hand Lettering Video

Procreate Hand Lettered Alphabet Video

The Grasshopper and Bamboo Papercut Video

Chiyogami Moon Handmade Papercut Card

Chinese Ink Painting - Cherry Blossom

Chinese Ink Painting - Landscape

Chinese Ink Painting - Bamboo

The Simple Pleasure of Dyeing Paper Blue Video

Daisy S Mail Art Video

Feather Quill Calligraphy Video

Flutter Lettering Video

Live Lettering Video

Mirror Mirror Lettering Video

Brush lettering for Country Living Magazine

Expressive gestural calligraphy

Digitally Hand Lettered S for Star in Procreate App

Hand lettered quote - Dracula by Bram Stoker

Music by Stephen Green

Digitally hand lettered chalk C using the Procreate App

Interview and calligraphy demonstration at ScrapbookLive

Digitally hand lettered chalk B using the Procreate App

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