Journal: Hand drawn lettering sketches and experimental work
I like to draw, much of the time I draw letters, in an infinite variety of ways, using a fascinating variety of tools and media - pens, brushes, inks, paints, markers, bits of old stick - whatever gets the job done. 
Over the years, I've built up a range of sketchbooks and folders of loose sheets of experimental work. Sometimes it's as simple as trying out a new ink or pen, at others, it's more complex and I'm exploring different approaches to express my ideas. I might be inspired by an exhibition I’ve seen, a book I'm reading or just want to capture a random thought.  
This isn't commissioned work, it's personal and in general, I'm less interested in perfection than I am in encouraging an enquiring mind. Sketches and experimental work provide a great creative resource in a busy life and if I haven’t got time to pursue an idea now, it’s safely noted in my sketchbook for a later time when I can explore it further. I see my sketches as the start of a conversation with myself that may go on for years. 
You'll find some of my sketchbook pages posted below, I'll update them from time to time when I have something interesting to include. I also post them on my social media, you'll find links to my accounts in my website header - I'm most active on Facebook and Instagram.
This and all of my personal projects can be found most easily by clicking through to my journal folder on my website, which is the space I reserve for projects and events outside my normal commissioned work. If you'd like to see videos of one of my handmade sketchbooks, head over to my HP Lettering Sketchbook project or to see me in action, creating both analogue and digital lettering, click through to the videos folder.

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