Illustration: Zélie’s Power . Tomi Adeyemi
Illustrations for Tomi Adeyemi’s wonderful West African-inspired novel, Children of Blood and Bone.
One of the main characters, Zélie, struggles to embrace her power, which she finally invokes by chanting an incantation. 
Represented by a twisting vine of hand drawn lettering, the words combine with a flowing pattern of dots and swirls, influenced by beautiful West African printed textiles.

Zélie Illustration: Silhouette with power pattern and decorative title

Zélie's Power Video: combining incantation words and power pattern

Zélie Illustration: Silhouette with hand lettered incantation calligram

Zélie: Hand lettered calligram (detail)
Zélie: Hand lettered calligram (detail)
Zélie: Hand lettered title (detail)
Zélie: Hand lettered title (detail)
If you enjoyed seeing this personal project inspired by Tomi Adeyemi's wonderful young adult novel, take a look at more of my cover art in the illustration and publishing folders ...

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