Equality Map for National Parks Magazine

It was a privilege to be asked to create a map by the National Parks Conservation Association. Remembering Birmingham's Fight for Equality was a difficult subject to illustrate but a rewarding one. With the help of the Art Director, I researched the key elements that were to make up the illustration and thought about how I could approach the subject of the proposed Alabama site. My first thoughts were of the colour palette, I decided to keep this muted, to reflect the serious nature of the subject but still light enough to suggest the positive outcome of the struggle leading to significant reform and legislation. The map highlights five significant sites that were key to the struggle for equality with loosely rendered spot illustrations, hand lettered titles and notes. I added a brief description in simple sans serif type to contrast with the soft washes and casual brushwork and give the layout a little rigidity. I was delighted when the piece was approved and saw it featured both in print and online in the National Parks Conservation Association Magazine.

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