By Ruth Rowland​​​​​​​
Loose and stylish with economic brush lines and soft washes, whether black and white, monochrome or full colour, these simple animal, bird and insect illustrations catch the eye and add energy to a design. Perfect for spot illustration and icon commissions for books, magazines and logos.
Equine Pride . Horse Illustration
Argumentative Wren . Bird Illustration
Basking Burnet . Moth Illustration
Blue Skies Skylark . Bird Illustration
Curious Blackbird . Bird Illustration
Fascinated Feline . Cat Illustration
Focused Owl . Bird Illustration
Silent Fox. Fox Illustration
Grumpy Bunny . Rabbit Illustration
HiddenFawn . Deer Illustration
Inquisitive Crow . Bird Illustration
Leaping Leporid . Hare Illustration
Flappy Pelican . Bird Illustration
Bold Buffalo . American Bison Illustration
Grabby Crab . Sea Life Illustration
Angelic Fish . Sea Life Illustration
Chicken Licken . Bird Illustration
Hungry Grizzly . Bear Illustration
Stalking Tiger. Tiger Illustration
Poised Poodle. Dog Illustration
Bighorn Sheep. Sheep Illustration

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