It was great to be asked to work on this exciting project for Simple Minds. The three dimensional bust was created for the Simple Minds' The Greatest Hits Tour and also used on the related album. 
I was commissioned to develop the lettering, working with a range of different marker pens, then scanning and fitting the script to a photo of the head. The script  was built up gradually in layers, until the final image was approved by the designer.
It's surprisingly tricky to keep the script looking raw and not overworked - this vernacular lettering is influenced more by Outsider Art and hand drawn ephemeral signage than by traditional calligraphy. 
The designer sent over images of the scrawled graffiti on Jim Morrison's grave and the Abbey Road sign as the inspiration for the piece - the fumes from the markers probably helped a little too ... 

Graffiti Lettering for Simple Minds Greatest Hits

Graffiti Lettering for Simple Minds: Celebrate

Graffiti Lettering on Head for Simple Minds

See more of my work for Simple Minds in the dedicated music folder in the menu above or take a look at my anarchic lettering for Chrissie Hynde ...

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