It was an honour to be asked by the British Library to teach a calligraphy workshop, aligned with their celebrated exhibition, Writing: Making Your Mark.
Suitable for absolute beginners, the six week practical course allowed students to experiment with basic letterforms and mark-making, using a wide range of writing tools.
In the weekly sessions, I guiding my students through traditional calligraphic forms to looser more expressive styles, experimenting with different pens, brushes, inks and paints.
Live demonstrations, exercises and experiments with a range of different media, helped students gain confidence and learn more about the wonderful world of calligraphy.
With thanks to the British Library for making the workshop such an enjoyable experience and my hardworking students for their good humour and enthusiasm. Keep writing!
I hope you enjoyed hearing about the workshop, if you'd like to see some of my live calligraphy demonstrations - simply click through to live hand lettering videos ...

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