If you’re a fan of the Twelfth Doctor, then you’ll almost certainly be interested in the the new boxset released by the BBC in the US - Doctor Who: The Complete Peter Capaldi Years.
I was thrilled to be asked to work on the hand lettering for the beautifully designed packaging by Stuart Crouch Creative. As with the Series 8 DVD design, we were inspired by the Doctor’s vibrant chalkboard calculations and wanted the style to play a part in the boxset.
You can see the casual chalk lettering and mathematical doodles throughout the design, from the gorgeous limited edition book to the dynamic disc art. I was particularly pleased to have the opportunity to hand letter some of the Doctor’s moving final words.
If you’re a Doctor Who fan you can see more of the stylish Doctor Who Series 8 packaging, as well as the wonderful Fourth Doctor Time Capsule in the tv/film folder.

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