Journal: Gothic Midwinter Watercolour Wreath using Derwent Graphitint
A seasonal worksheet experimenting with gothic lettering, loosely shaped into a winter wreath with fir branches, berries and cones and a central night landscape. The words are taken from Christina Rossetti’s beautiful Christmas carol, In the Bleak Midwinter.

Gothic Midwinter Watercolour Wreath: Experimenting with Graphitint Paints and Pencils

I’m trying out the Derwent Graphitint Paint Pan Pocket Set here. It’s a neat little palette I bought after using the Graphitint Pencils. They both have a good range of smokey, pigmented colours. Essentially, they comprise of water-soluble tinted graphite and the texture of the paints is much like granulating watercolour. I've used the paints with both brushes and calligraphy nibs.

Gothic Midwinter Watercolour Wreath: Loosely painted foliage and decorative gothic cap

If you follow me on social media , you'll know that I've been exploring watercolour since the start of the pandemic, experimenting with swatches and colour mixes. I enjoy mixed media, so I wanted to try out these unusual paints, Derwent make a few little sets like these, which could easily be combined with traditional watercolour. 

Gothic Midwinter Watercolour Wreath: Loose, textured gothic calligraphy

For me, the Graphitint is an interesting addition to my water-based art materials, for looser more organic work. I have the twenty four set of Graphitint pencils, which are also water-soluble, so handy for detail work on paintings. If you enjoy muted colours, the pencils have a beautiful range, including white. I’m looking forward to experimenting more with both paints and pencils next year.

Gothic Midwinter Watercolour Wreath: Decorative gothic cap

You've probably guessed that I enjoy exploring different art materials, I often post about my personal projects and the different media I've used. My interests include watercolour painting, calligraphy, inks and paper. If you'd like to read more about this side of my work, click through to my Journal folder and browse the different projects or follow me on my 'behind-the-scenes' studio account on Instagram.

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