Commissioned by internationally acclaimed British designer, Rebecca Street, I was asked to develop a hand lettered script logo for her new designer bridal wear venture, ‘Love is all …’ by Rebecca Street.
Aiming to give the logo a light and airy touch, I decided that a fine brush would give the freedom and elegance I needed. As with all jobs, I put together a set of initial roughs for Rebecca to view and we struck up a dialogue to develop the lettering and pin down the final artwork. 
Used online as well across printed packaging and stitched labels, the logo needed to be strong enough to work across a variety of media and at a range of sizes. Rebecca Street already has an established brand, so my lettering was designed to work neatly with her existing logo but can also stand alone if necessary.

Love is all ... Hand Lettered Logo

Head back to my logos folder above for more branding or if you'd like to see more brush lettering take a look at my work for the iconic Country Living Magazine ...

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