I’m delighted to announce that I will be teaching a lettering workshop in December at the British Library, London.

It’s a two day practical course exploring decorative capital letters, inspired by the British Library’s exciting new exhibition, ‘Fantasy: Realms of Imagination’. We'll be creating letters influenced by our favourite fantasy themes, from fables and fairytales to myths and quests. 

I’ll be demonstrating a range of techniques, from inks and watercolours to metallic pens and paints, including an introduction to flat gilding with imitation metallic leaf. You will learn about different letterforms to draw and illustrate in your own unique style and explore working with mixed media to bring colour and sparkle to your artwork.

If, like me, you’re a fantasy writing fan and love experimenting with different art media, this course could be for you. Join me for a creative weekend learning how to bring some sparkle to your artwork inspired by your favourite fantasy books.

I’ve added course details below and a link to the British Library workshop page for more information and booking, in the title above. 

Hope to see you there! 

All that Glitters: Decorative Capital Letters Masterclass

Dates: Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 December 2023 
Times: 10.30–17.00 
Location: Harry M Weinrebe Learning Centre, British Library, London 
Level: All Levels 
Class size: Maximum 16 participants
Please see the British Library link above for prices (concessions available)
©Ruth Rowland Lettering Artist & Illustrator - Gilded Letter R from a worksheet example for the British Library lettering workshop: All That Glitters Decorative Capital Letters Masterclass. Photo of gilded letter R with watercolour painted fern, moths and moon with brush, paint and gold leaf

All That Glitters: Decorative Capital Letters Workshop at the British Library, London

If you'd like to see more of my own gilded decorative capital letters, you can find a small collection in this post.

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